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A Guide to selling used panties

Selling used underwear online is becoming a lucrative business. Many women are discovering that they can make money by selling their worn panties. The money received from selling used panties is many a time much more that their original price. Used panty fetish is common and is what is promoting the used panty market. There are people who fantasize about used panties. Some sniff them and some get aroused just by touching.

Guide to sell used panties online

Learn how to sell used panties online


If you are willing to put some time and effort in selling used panties, it is possible to make $500 a month. Tracy (22) – Verified Member

Get some cute Panties and wear em: Buy some sexy panties that will attract men. In your first attempt, try selling erotic pairs. The panties can be a nice pair of thongs or decorative panties. Giving customers what they want is the first detail you should be keen about.It is important to catch the attention of buyers.

What used panty buyers want: Be aware of your customers’ demands and learn how to sell used underwear. Different buyers have different fetish behaviors. Some like the smell in the panties. Wear the panties for long for them to capture more of your smell. By fulfilling your customers’ needs, you are able to earn money selling underwear. Other buyers have special needs like photos or videos of you wearing a panty. The most important detail about selling panties online is, always keep connected to potential buyers. Offer them choices of what you have. Keep them informed and know the level that you are willing to go.

Marketing used panties online for money: Keep in mind that men are visual creatures. As such, many men will buy what they can see and entices them. Take the pictures of the panties and post them on the panty deal website. Later, some buyers may contact you requesting to see you wear the erotic panties. If you are comfortable with it, then go right ahead. Remember, you are not obligated to wear the panties if you do not want to. You can either accept or decline. Selling used panties online requires time, effort and patience especially for a beginner before it can become profitable.

Communicating with Customers ony Pantydeal: After taking pictures of your panties or you wearing them, post them on the panty deal website and start making money. Be connected and start chatting with potential buyers online. Remember to respect a buyer’s anonymity. Good customer service has always helped to retain customers. Always offer you customer variety.

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