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Internet and the worn lingerie buisness

Anybody who wants to buy used panties knows how important the Internet has become for keeping up a fresh supply of creamy knickers that can provide a great sexual thrill for any man or woman who enjoys the smell of worn underwear. There is more to the feeling of enjoyment and the fantasies that a pair of knickers worn by a woman for a few hours, days or during a sexual encounter than simply the smell of the woman herself. There is also the feeling of a damp crotch that any knicker sniffer will tell you is a major part of the enjoyment of receiving a new pair of used knickers that are packaged perfectly.

As a lover of used stinky lingerie I have to say that getting a pair of pants that have not been packaged correctly and have dried up or lost their odour is something I hate. The moment I tear open the plastic packaging around a pair of knickers I want to know they are still damp with whatever juices and odours I have requested. I love the feeling of the dirty knickers, whether they are cotton, silky or lace that feels as though it has just been peeled off the woman who wore them and still carries her scent and fluids.

A part of this fetish that many people do not understand is the fact that there is much more to the feeling of a freshly worn pair of panties than just the smell and damp feeling. I feel closer to the woman who was wearing them when I can hold her panties in my hands and breathe in deeply of her smell and taste. There are times when a fantasy needs something a little more than just a picture or video, which I now find are included with most of the panties I receive at my door on a regular basis. After I have built a relationship Online with a creamy panties seller I soon feel close enough to ask for a few special requests. By the time we reach that stage of our relationship in the fetish world we both usually feel comfortable to discuss my own requests about her dirty knickers and other types of lingerie.

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