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Questions for checking used panties buyers’ suitability for negotiations

Interrogating a used panties buyer you can analyse his answers and behaviour before you proceed with making some serious negotiations. Even the smartest clients that would like to scam you can be noticed and eliminated on time. Choosing carefully the used panties buyers with which you are going to interact and make business in the future, is an essential part of every business project. Using this strategy you’re going to communicate with the best used panties clients and involve into successful negotiations.

1.What lingerie do you search for?
Asking casual questions like this one is going to make a client feel comfortable to talk about himself and discuss his own personal interests. The used panties buyers that have some real intentions to invest and not scam a seller, are going to really take the time to talk about this topic extensively. They are going to be quite passionate to reveal about their fetishes and intimate passions. However, if you notice that a client is reluctant to chat a lot about his personal favourites related to the naughty fantasies and lingerie, then you’ve encountered a buyer that is kind of unserious, lacks determination to communicate and negotiate.

2.Have you ever faced a conflict with a used panties seller?
This type of questions is critical for proving the real intentions of a used panties buyer. A real client is going to be honest with you and share his feelings about the sellers with which he had to deal online. You can easily notice if he is fake, paying attention to how emotional he is in the messages. The used panties buyers with which you should be wary, are the users that are silent or try to make up success stories about all of their used panties deals in the past. A realistic account should include both, positive and negative sides of the experiences they’ve had.

3.How did you get inspired about the used lingerie offers?
Making a used panties buyer to tell you the reasons why he started searching for dirty lingerie online, you can conclude if you can meet his general needs and whether he is a real buyer. All of the honest used panties buyers have some unique reasons for joining the used panties community and staying online. Investigating into their intimate motivation you can differentiate between the fake and real used panties clients, while looking for ways to satisfy their needs perfectly.

Use these simple questions when you encounter a new used panties buyer, and you’re going to count on the best clients for your business.

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