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Strange behaviours that some used panties buyers have

The used panties buyers may have some strange behaviour at times that is going to surprise you. Not knowing what to do is not a good option for your used lingerie business. So analysing the strange things about the clients, what has provoked them and how you should deal with them, you can feel more confident and not feel uncomfortable when you face such a situation.

Consider the following types of behaviour a used panties buyer can have online and feel free to use the suggested tips or think of beneficial techniques for your used panties business.

Stalking a used panties seller online
There are men that like to stalk the women in general and fantasise naughty things about them. The used panties buyers can have this special trait and first visit your profile in order to observe it and enjoy your sexy lingerie photos, description and panties promotions. If you notice that someone is visiting you often but doesn’t approach you, you shouldn’t feel in a strange way but rather accept it as a compliment. You can either wait for the client to approach you in a chat or start chatting with him about an interesting topic.

Searching for a lingerie identical to his ex girlfriend
Some men are very sensitive and still think about their ex girlfriends with which they have been deeply in love. That makes them to dream of having their lingerie and enjoy it. Therefore, it’s possible to encounter used panties clients that search for a specific lingerie similar to that of their ex girlfriend. In this case it’s important to interrogate them in details about the lingerie design they would prefer to have, send them photos of various underwear and ask them about the duration of wearing they require.

Requesting something extremely dirty right away
Some people are very impatient and have a very clear perspective on what they want. Such type of personality can be demonstrated in the used panties sales as well, where some buyers want to make negotiations fast and receive what they want easily. They request the dirty lingerie they want to buy in the beginning of a chat and want the sellers to reply in a timely manner. If you notice that a used panties buyers is impatient and has a confident behaviour when it comes to lingerie preferences and negotiations, be as faster as possible to make a deal and meet his expectations.

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