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Woman looking for sex with 100.000 men

The Polish Ania Lisewska wants to establish a sex-record. As the 21-year-old announced on her Facebook profile, as well as informing a number of media in Eastern Europe and beyond later on, she plans to sleep with 30 men daily over the next 10 years. According to information provided, the young woman has already had sex with a total 200 guys so far. Ania designated married men as the best lovers.

  “I love sex, fun and all men that join in will get anal and oral sex.” Furthermore, every participant will have 20 minutes, nonymity is also guaranteed. However, travel and accommodation costs must be paid by the participants themselves. Mathematically Ania will have to practise sex for 6 hours consecutive hours day-to-day. Yet, some important details about the project are still unknown. What about safer sex? And how does it work in terms of organization, has she any helpers or technical support? Will Ania have to hire fluffers on particularly intense days to ensure the participants get hard at the right moment, after man has been waiting in the pack on his appearance? I definitely wish her success, perseverance and a pussy always sufficiently soaked in cunt juice, so it hits properly. Can’t forget the video footage.  

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